Frequently Asked Questions

How does our process work?

Food Trucks 2 Go will help you book food trucks for your event and take care of all of the communication, permitting, and payment. Due to the large volume of requests we receive we cannot handle every request directly. In general we work on larger events requiring four or more trucks. Once we determine we can take on your request, we will contact you directly. The next steps we will then take are to gather a list of trucks available and interested in your event which we will then present to you for your selection. If we cannot take on your event directly, we will post your listing to our 2-way bulletin board where interested trucks will contact you directly.

We’re looking to do a private/corporate/community/charity event and would love to have some food trucks. Can you come and do the event for us?

As much as we would love to produce all of the event opportunities that come our way, we just don’t have enough hours in the day to accommodate all of the requests. However, we offer the opportunity to submit your event to us online under the “Book a Truck” tab so that we can evaluate whether it’s something that we can help you with or if it is something that we can post to our bulletin board so that interested truckers can call you directly.

What happens to my event when it is posted to the bulletin board?

We have a number of food trucks in the New England area that subscribe to our bulletin board service. We will post the information that you provided onto the site. Trucks will then go through the listings to see if there is an event they may be interested in. When they find an event that fits your/their needs they will reach out to you directly to coordinate the event details. You will be responsible for discussing menus, fees, permits, timing, etc. with the trucks directly.

What if I submitted an event and haven’t heard from any food trucks?

Sometimes an event just isn’t the right fit for food trucks. You have to remember that all of these trucks are small business owners, so if it doesn’t seem like a good business opportunity to them and they cannot cover their costs (staff, food, etc.), they may not be able to help you. Summer is also the peak season of the food truck business so many trucks are extremely busy. For the highest likelihood of success try to post your listing at least two weeks in advance. If you don’t hear back from any trucks don’t be discouraged! Maybe there’s more information that you can provide: are you marketing the event, i.e., will there be a big crowd there, meaning more revenue for the truck? Have you done similar events in the past that you have attendance numbers from? Are you willing to provide a minimum guarantee to the food trucks in case you don’t have as many guests as expected? The more information, the better! You can also do a Google search for trucks in your area and contact them directly to see if they are available but don’t forget to get all your paperwork in order with the health & fire departments.

If I am booking a food truck for an event what kind of permits are required?

The most important thing whether your event is public or private is to contact your local health and fire departments. If the truck you have booked is not permitted in the town of the event they may be required to obtain a temporary health and fire permit. In addition, the health and fire departments may wish to inspect the trucks prior to the event. Every town is different so make sure you find out what is required well in advance.

I own a food truck—what does a subscription to the “Book a Truck” service get me?

The Book a Truck service is the best way to connect food trucks to event organizers. It’s not just a list of general event opportunities; it’s a list of events that have communicated with Food Trucks 2 Go and are specifically seeking food trucks. Essentially, it cuts through the clutter for you! You will see a number of different types of events posted on the board, from large festivals to private catering. New events are added daily!

Expect to find events with catering budgets and minimum guarantees, as well as simple booking requests. Your subscription allows you access24/7! All necessary event contact information is available on the website so you can work out the details with the client directly.

So as a food truck, I pay for a subscription. Are there any additional fees?

Once you pay for your subscription, all other services are free. No additional percentages or hidden fees from Food Trucks 2 Go. Any percentages or fees listed are set by the client and you will negotiate the terms of your agreement with them directly. Happy booking!

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